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Hemingway’s Concert In The Dark



Imagine, you are sitting in a dark room with no noise around you. You don’t know who is going to sing and which genre it will be. All you know is, the singer will take you on a journey and all you need to do is listen. Feel the moment and you will experience the purest type of music. Let’s go back to the roots of music, away from the modern use of background sound. Slow down and let your body and mind feel the amazing and pure voice of the artist. All this will happen in the cozy venue of Hemingsway’s, Manly with a wide range of food and beverage. Get your favourite drink and relax while you are listening to the pure voice of the singer songwriter.

Entry: 6.30 pm The concert starts at 7 pm till about 9.30 pm with half an hour break.

IMPORTANT TICKET INFORMATION: – This is an all ages event. – Only limited spots are available, so make sure you get your ticket before it is sold out. – Please have your ticket handy on the event, either on your phone or printed. – We expect only a limited number of tickets to be available at the door and it is possible they could be sold out! The ticket sale onsite is only possible in cash, we can not take credit cards. Online payment is not an option at the venue.

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